Why Choose Our Palo Santo?

Our Palo Santo wood from seasoned wood collected without having to unnecessarily fell trees. It is 100% sustainable and ethically sourced in Peru

Each Palo Santo Wood piece is 5g about 50mm in length and 10mm thick.

20g = approximately 4 pieces of Palo Santo wood.

Palo Santo wood is used as a sacred incense due to the strong fresh aroama it produces when it is smouldered. The Palo Santo pieces do go out by themselves and are therefore safe to use indoors. Once enough aroma is released simply allow to self extinguish or place on a shell/bowl.

We suggest burning the palo santo pieces in and abalone or scallop shell. For 2 reasons:

1. The shell provides a safe flameproof surface/bowl for the wood to be burned in.

2. The Shell represents water, the palo santo wood represents (grown from) the earth, the flame represents fire and a gentle waft of a hand, feather on breath represents wind.

For larger orders, questions or support; please message us....we are here to help

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