Using White Sage for Smudging (Cleansing your Crystals)

What is Smudging?

Smudging has always been seen as a deeply spiritual ceremony practiced by the Native Americans. It is believed that white sage is able to carry away and clear negative spirits. Many crystal healers use it to neutralise negative energies that are absorbed by their crystals. For the process of smudging to be most effective the user should commit time and focused energy to the process. Over time, people tend to develop their own ritual… Try relaxing and be guided by the absence of thought.

How to use Smudge Sticks

Most people choose the 4” min I smudge sticks to start with. These are easy to use and suit most moderate crystal collections.

A smudge stick is lit and left to smoulder, usually laid in an abalone shell (or scallop shell). The shell is used as it is fire/heat proof, but it also represents the sea and therefore water. The sage its self represents the earth and the burning represents fire. Often a wild turkey feather is used to fan the smoke. This wafting of the smoke represents the wind.

When brought together the process involves earth, wind, fire and water.

Once the smudge stick is smouldering the crystals can be passed through the smoke a couple of times. This is enough to cleanse the crystal.

As the smoke fills the room it is also helping to cleanse it. Many people will begin to develop their own ritual once they start to understand and experience the process of smudging.

Other ways to cleanse your crystals include:

  • Storing with or on selenite
  • Washing in sea water or natural salt

What next?

Once your crystals have been cleaned and cleansed you may need to think about reactivating and charging them. Post to follow soon

Thanks - Grant

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