Healing for Beginners & What to Do!

Healing for Beginners & What to Do!

Many people buy and love crystals but are unsure how to best use them.

In 2017 we sold 120000 crystals to over 30000 customers. Many of these are new to crystal healing and collecting. We are often asked how to use them or clean or charge them. In response to this I have put together a basic usable guide.

Self-healing is the most common type of healing use by people. It takes no specialist skills to start but experience will help you to be more effective.

 Below is a very simple step by step guide to getting started.

What You Need to Do

When you first get your crystals, it is always best to clean and cleanse them.  

The main reason for this is not for physical aesthetics, but it is a way or clearing any negative energy gathered by the crystal before reaching you.

Cleaning Crystals

  1. Physically wash the crystal in sea water, salt water or rain water (salt should not be used with some crystals)
  2. Rinse off the crystal and lay it on a natural material e.g cotton or wood.

 Cleansing Crystals

Now your crystal is physically cleaned, you can cleanse it’s energy.

  1. Light some white sage, palo santo, sweet grass or your choice or incense.
  2. Place the smouldering ‘smudge’ stick/incense into a shell (typically abalone or large scallop if your want to lower carbon footprint)
  3. Allow the smoke to fill the area you are in (unless outside, which is the best natural environment).
  4. Pass each crystal through the smoke of the smouldering ‘smudge’.
  5. Place your crystals back onto/into something natural (possibly the shell!

Charging Your Crystals

Now your crystals are cleaned and cleansed, you are ready to charge them.

  1. Placed on a natural material e.g. shell, wood, selenite, hessian
  2. Leave out in direct sunlight for between an hour and a day or for the 3 nights of a full moon (check out the Luna calendar on our site).

Programming Your Crystals

It’s now time to make the crystal your own. This is the most important part of the whole process. How you do this part really is up to you. It is important that you do what feels right. It should be personal.

At this stage your aim is to tell the crystal what you want it for or to aid you with. It is important that you connect with it too though.

For your fist time try this:

  1. Hold the crystal – think about: how it feels, any lumps & bumps, its temperature and changing temperature.
  2. What it looks like - its colour, any patterns its shape
  3. How it makes you feel - channel the excitement into the crystal, visualise the energy flowing through your hand into the crystal.
  4. Tell the crystal what you want from it - e.g. ‘help me to be more confident’, visualise the energy between you and the crystal, visualise yourself in a situation being more confident.
  5. Keep the crystal with you and bond with it.

This bonding and programming does not need to be done each time it is cleaned and cleansed. You should clean and cleanse your crystals regularly to clear negative energy.



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