Clearing, Cleansing and Cleaning Negative Energy From a Room

I put this kit together after helping a lady to discover what crystals and rituals could be used to get rid of negative energy from her daughters bedroom.

The setup and use is a personal thing and therefore changing it to suit your self is a positive thing. The whole process is about you taking control.

Take time to do this process quietly, un-rushed, in control and positively. It is your connection with the crystals that links everything together.

1. The Selenite is to be placed on a/the window sill of the room. 
2. Leave all of the crystals on top of the selenite in the natural light for 1 day and one night. 
3. Light the smudge stick and let the light smoke move around the room. Move with it allowing it to reach every part of the room.
4. Pass each of the crystals through the smoke of the smudge stick. (no need to for the selenite).
5. As you hold each crystal focus on what you would like it to do. [Visualise it in the corner of the room sucking in a dark mist. White light connects each one to the obsidian in the centre of the room room.] Repeat this for each of the black crystals.
6. Place the tourmaline in each corner of the room.
7. Place the obsidian in the centre of the room (approximate centre).

The time you leave this for is completely up to you. You should know when the room feels cleansed. Many people leave it for a whole 24 hours.

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