We now stock a full range of Air Plants (tillandsia) that are nurtured and brought on in our UK studio.

Every Air Plant has been cared for and is hand selected for our customers. With over 2000 in stock and weekly new arrivals we are able to fulfil orders or any shape and size.

Air Plants are extremely hardy and versatile. Popular as desk plants, display pieces, creative living art pieces and as a perfect gift.

We offer a 60 day return policy and constantly check our prices to ensure that we are the  best value in the uk; both online and on the high-street.

Air Plants https://craftmoor.com

Why not brighten up your house, garden or office - Tillandsia Air Plants are easy to keep look after and can be used in such versatile ways.

They can be stuck directly onto windows, walls, rope, shells, crystals, in terrariums....

Most tillandsia air plant species will produce a flower/s when mature.

NO SOIL REQUIRED - Air Plants live on a host and get their nutrients from water and the air

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