Plastic Free Way Before 2042!

Plastic Free Way Before 2042!

Over the last year we have been looking to reduce our plastic use. We set to work looking at what WE could do to reduce OUR own use.

We have always used recycled packaging and paper produces as well as reusing packing materials that products have been sent to us in.

Our main use is plastic is currently:

Group 1 plastic use:

Bubble wrap – used for packing

Bubble wrapping - wrapped fragile goods

Plastic bags – used for our Sage products

Packing peanuts – packing in fragile goods

Group 2 plastic use:

Plastic thread organza bags – used for crystals storage

Jiffy bags – protect the crystals and product being delivered

Packing Fragile Tape – warn of fragile items and seal materials

Plastic foil pouches – Used for Salt products

Vacuum wrap – used for white sage loose products

We were able to put these products and uses into 2 groups based on need, impact and impact on our service to our customers. From this we made the following judgements

All group 1 plastics will be phased out by 01/02/2018

  • Instead of Bubble wrap we will increase our use of wrapping paper and tissue paper
  • Instead of packing peanuts we will increase our use of recycled shredded paper and natural hay and straw
  • Instead of plastic bags we will be using acid free paper bags

Group 2 use will be posted on our social media for ideas about how we can reduce use

  • Instead of our plastic and foil pouches we are looking at the use of recyclable paper bags for our salt products
  • For our plastic tape we will look at the availability of composable

plastic tape.

  • The use of Padded ‘jiffy’ bags is difficult as they are light weight and therefore low cost for fuel when delivering. They can be recycled but need to be pulled apart. They can also be used again. Changing to pulped paper bags would mean a lot more weight and much higher cost.

Maybe it would be worth giving our customers the option by including this as a postage upgrade?

We could stamp the ‘jiffy’ bags explaining how to effectively recycle!?

We really do want to look at improving our plastic use and carbon impact. Any feedback would really be welcomed.

Thank you


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